Rancher 2.x - The max pod problem

With the introduction of Rancher 2.x, the cattle orchestration framework was deprecated, and kubernetes was chosen as the default. For most customers, this wouldn't be a problem. But for us, we hit a roadblock when the max pod per node limit was identified as 110.

For normal nodes which have a 4 core or equivalent hardware with 16 to 32 GB of RAM, this limit set a safety, thereby protecting the node from over-usage. However, with better hardware offering more threads and more memory, this limit is rather at the lower end.

Not much documentation was useful to raise this limit, but the same can be achieved with modifying the kubelet config per cluster. The steps are outlined below:

Step 1: Cluster overview

Step 2: Edit Cluster

Step 3: Edit as YAML

Step 4: Add or Edit the max-pods configuration

      max-pods: "250"

Step 5: Save the cluster and wait for the changes to apply.

This would increase the max pods from 110 to 250. Please note to increase the limit to a sensible number.




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